Corian Stairs ® DuPont™

The DuPont Corian stairs are the latest fashion in the world of design. The DuPont corian material is elegant and hygienic. It is widely used  for  kitchen tops, shower walls, furniture and other applications. It is a compound material- 2/3  aluminium hydroxide, 1/3  acrylic resin and, if necessary, resin mixed with coloured pigments. It is resistant to direct sunlight and it keeps its colour  in the long run.

The DuPont Corian versatility and appearance allow cantilevered stairs to be created with a look imposing but light at the same time, thanks to the employment of solid and heavy material that gives an idea of  smoothness . Specifically, with the passing of the years, the surface loses brightness and looks softer and lighter.DuPont Corian stairs with Glacier White finishes to fully enjoy the purity of the matter, but also Corian stairs customized in the colour, shape and style that you have chosen.

Go beyond the magic, DuPont Corian stairs, luxury stairs.

03 May 2015


04 May 2015


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