Resin Stairs

Alfascale resin stairs have a steel structure, MDF treads with an epoxy resin coating.

Open stairs with resin treads are suitable for customized environments thanks to an endless range of colours and finishes which enable  a stair to be built matching the floors of the other areas.

Resin- coated stairs suit various contexts, both private and public. Epoxy- resin surfaces are free of joints and grouting.For this reason they are hygienic and easy to clean. Finishes are available in:

  • charcoal grey
  • grey
  • terra cotta
  • sand
  • cream
  • turtle
  • metal oxy
  • glossy blac
  • glossy white
  • corten

Special customized finishes are also available, such as the Caribbean finish.

Make up your own environment with no limits. Epoxy resin treads are technically and aesthetically versatile, it is up to you to make your personal choice.

03 May 2015

Ghost Resin

03 May 2015

Ghost Resin

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