In compliance with legislative decree 196 of 30 June 2003 regarding  the protection of personal  data , we wish to inform you that your personal data will be recorded on protected data storage media.

Your personal data will not be disclosed to other parties and will be used to send information material about our activity. You will be allowed to consult, supplement , modify or cancel your personal data at any time.

At any time and at  no charge you will be able to consult, complete, modify or delete your data, totally or partially objecting to their use.

I authorize the use of my personal data


In order to log onto our web site you are required to fill in the registration form, supplying truepersonal data. Alfa Scale asks you to read carefully below before consenting tothe use of your personal data.

In compliance with legislative decree 196/03 Alfa Scale informs you that your personal data will be used exclusively in relation with the objectives inside the regulation and will not be communicated or given to third parties without your prior consent.


Dear Mr/Mrs./Sirs

Alfa Scale informs you that in compliancewith article13 of legislative decree 196/03 , your personal data will be handled inside our premises situated in Via Provinciale per Modena 51/53-41016 Novi di Modena (Mo) via electronic registration and will be used only to:

-allow access to reserved areas on our site

-send publicity and/or advertising material exclusively concerning our area

-carry out statistical data processing for business use only.

It is necessary to fill in the required personal data boxestagged as obligatory or you will not be allowed to contact us; data reference is merely optional if the boxesare not tagged as obligatory.

Your personal data, both obligatory or optional will not be transmitted or given to third parties without your prior consent.

You may exert the rights specified in article 7 of legislative decree 196/2003 regarding transparency and completeness.

Our legal department will be in charge of the data confirmation as well as data processing.

Yourpersonal data will be used in compliance withthe rights , freedom and respect of the person concerned, his/herpersonal identity and the right to protect his/her personal data. Discretion with regard tothe material is guaranteed  incompliance withthe principles of simplification, harmonisation and efficiency of the procedures on your side and on the fulfilment of  obligations on our side.

Article 7 of legislative decree 196/03: right to access to personal data and other rights

The person concerned has the right to be informed about:

– the source (origin) of his/her personal data

-the objective and procedure of use

the use of data held on electronic media

-the identifying features of the holder appointed in compliance with article 5 sub-section 2

-the parties or categories to whom personal data can be conveyed or who may come across the data as they are legal assistants, in charge or substitutes within the local area.

The person concerned has the right to obtain:

updating, the rectification and, if required, the supplementing of data

-the deletion, transformation (anonymously) or the blocking of illegal data, including data that do not need to be preserved in relation to the objectives collected or processed

-the statement that the content of the procedures specified in letters a and b hasbeen transmitted to the people who have received and divulgedthe data,unless fulfillment is impossible or requires a huge use of resources that infringes data protection rules.

The person concerned  has the right to object:

-for legitimate reasons againstthe use or collection of his/her personal data

-the use of personal data that could be used for advertisements or direct sale , market research or business communication


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