Excellence from Italy

Alfa Scale’s mission is to supply high quality stairs that confirm the prestigious made in Italy design in compliance with the laws and the environment.

Our goal is to meet the customer’s requirements and to integrate our new stair within the context and the style of your home.

The quest for new solutions and materials, combined with the study of new shapes and evolutions in the field of technology enhanced by our experience and regular training enables us to devise the highest quality customized solutions embodying both classical and modern Italian design.

The organization of manufacturing processes and the attention paid to the organizational system registered to ISO 9001:2008 guarantee plan efficiencyand a final result that meets the customer’s requirements.

Passion and experience

Thanks to our team work and our beliefs, we want  people all over the world who love the quality of  Italian design to be satisfied. We aim to achieve this objective by placing  interior stairs made of the best materials on the market, to convey emotions and involving our customers.

Stairs certifications

Alfa Scale conforms to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 governing project application fields and creating and laying house interiors.
The UNI reference regulations applied are the following:

  • UNI regulations governing pre-fabricated stairs UNI 10803,10804,10805,10806,10807,10808,10809,10810,10811,10812.
  • UNI regulation 11017 governing liability for the laying of pre-fabricated stairs.
  • UNI 7697 and 12543-6 governing the criteria used to select glass inlays and glass for buildings.