Alfa Scale srl - 40 years of experience and professionalism

Set up on 15 July 1976, the company soon distinguished itself  by being the first Italian company to produce wooden spiral staircases with helix handrail in a compact unit. Alfa Scale spread in foreign markets towards the end of the seventies, mainly exporting to France, Germany and Saudi Arabia. The material was solid wood and the shapes were classical and impressive.

By the beginning of the eighties its products included iron stairs, spiral stairs, as well as open stairs to be used both in private and public contexts.

The nineties opened the way to more essential and straight solutions and  iron stairs become a design element.

A long and successful season started. The company produced laser-cut open stairs, rails with horizontal steel rods, spiral or monolithic  iron. Spiral stairs became design objects.

In the mid nineties Alfa Scale was one of the first Italian companies to appear on the Russian market. That market required wide experience in the classical field, innovative design in the contemporary field and endless customized solutions.

This century is characterized by the striking appearance of stairs with cantilevered steps (which means the load-bearing structure tends to disappear). These staircases are therefore rightly known as Ghost staircases.

Alfa Scale is an alternative to all the other solutions on the market as the load-bearing structure is built into the wall and the glass banister contrasts with the treads.
In the last few years we have widened our range of materials and today we are able to offer leather, resin, glass, stoneware and  other items.

It is indeed DuPont Corian that has contributed to the further evolution of the cantilevered stair, combining neatness and purity.

Alfa Scale - Certificazione Tuv_ISO9001Alfa Scale has been able to rely on its own research and development staff who personally  deal with its state-of-art projects; it also draws on the expertise of outside designers.

Careful attention paid to details and finishes, research into materials, innovation…all this means italian design that is continuously evolving.