Leather stairs, outstanding

Alfa scale leather stairs are cantilevered stairs with multi-layered treads that are  high quality and hard-wearing. The choice entirely depends on  personal aesthetic taste since you walk on a tempered glass sheet. The art of skilled craftsmen allows to skilfully fashioned creations with no unsightly work. An Alcantara coating is applied to the side strip of the banister. This spiral stair is undoubtedly one of our most exclusive models (Elica glass). This stair combines lightness and rigour.

You may choose from the following finishes:

  • leather for treads: white milk, soft moka and black touch
  • alcantara  for banisters with inserts
  • beige home
  • sand
  • black smoke

Want to strike out on your own? Leather stairs and tempered glass, banisters with alcantara inserts if you want to go off the beaten track.

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