Stoneware stairs: convenience, durability and lightness of design

Alfa scale’s porcelain stoneware stairs  are made of stainless steel, multi-layered wood treads with 3-mmm. cladding.

The stoneware cladding is elegant, light and hard-wearing.

Open stairs with stoneware treads are suitable for the home as well as for offices, stores and showrooms.

Open stairs with stoneware treads are hygienic and easy to clean but above all they convey elegance and lightness.

Stoneware stairs are the perfect cladding: no joints or grouting. They are available in the following finishes:

  • travertine
  • slate
  • bark
  • ash grey
  • charcoal grey
  • grey
  • dark brown
  • black
  • zinc
  • coal


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