POSTED ON 04,May,2015

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Open stair with self-bearing cantilevered steps and  no external support.

Steel side structure with tread shelves to be built into the rough wall.

DuPont Corian Glacier White patented tread with 80-mm. thickness, design by Perusko-Sartori.

CRYSTAL PLUS banister: layered tempered glass banister with 10+10-mm.  thickness, extra light finish.

The DuPont Corian Glacier White tread , thanks to its prism shape is in itself an element of décor.

Head cover cap same section as the tread to highlight the uniqueness of its prism shape.

The match with the CRYSTAL PLUS banister enables light and shadow effects, different and unique at the same time

Alfa Scale logo ,etching provided on the second tread from the bottom.

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